Veterinary Supplies & Equipment

Take care of your pets properly with vet supplies, including durable cages, food bowls and waste bags. Digital pet scales and grooming supplies, such as shears and clippers, ensure that dogs and other pets continue to look good, whether the animals are family pets or show animals. Accommodate dogs that are incontinent with washable wraps. Standard and elevated pet cots satisfy a range of uses, both indoors and outdoors. All-purpose cleaners and disinfection tools help maintain veterinary clinics, preventing diseases from spreading. Animal care products include non-tipping bowls that are fitting for energy-driven dogs, minimizing the mess that may occur.

Upgrade animal care establishments with vet supplies like grooming tools, office supplies and versatile pet crates from CeilBlue™. Grooming supplies include clippers and combs, allowing pet salons and pet owners to maintain the look and style of pets to specifications. Grooming pets is also important so that owners can recognize potential health issues. Office managers in veterinary clinics can browse cleaning tools for bacteria-free animal care environments. Labels are available for the proper categorization of specific medications. Finally, users can choose ultrasoft mats for their pets or go with outdoor crates and cages to keep animals secure. 

Grooming products for a fresh pet look

Grooming tubs are a practical choice for professional facilities, including high-end tub models that have tub lifts. Stand-mounted and handheld pet dryers are available as well, suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. High-quality grooming tools include stainless steel shears with serrated edges and protective ball tips for safe cutting. 

Animal care supplies offer convenience for pet owners and medical staff

Leak-proof waste bags are essential for dog owners, allowing simple waste removal when going for walks. Non-tipping bowls prevent water splashes when your pet gets too excited. Pet barriers are another product worth considering, as they protect vehicles and make them pet-friendly. These items include car seat covers and secure ramps. Look for inflatable pet collars and other animal care items to satisfy your beloved pet.  

Protect animals outdoors with pet crates and cages

Portable pet crates with handles provide security during long transports. Versatile kennels, crates and cages are in durable steel or plastic material, ensuring long-term use. Carrying crates come in several colors, and some models offer a seat belt cut-out for convenient use in vehicles. Use cages with extra height for larger animals or go with compact-sized options to match a smaller pet.