Acrylic Shields & Sneeze Guards

Countertop acrylic shields and sneeze guards offer a degree of protection against infectious viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 viruses contained in airborne droplets spread when infected people sneeze, cough or talk. Available in different sizes, screens placed on countertops help form a physical barrier between medical, shop and office personnel and the public. Use these guards to partition common work areas to provide a physical barrier between workers sitting adjacent to each other. Sink splash guards perform a similar function by preventing water and droplets from splashing onto adjacent units, people or the floor. Made from a transparent acrylic material that's tough and shatter-resistant, portable guards help reduce the spread of infectious airborne viruses.

Use sneeze guards throughout your business to keep employes and customers safe from airborne contaminants

Workplace shields and barriers help protect employees and the public from airborne droplets released when people talk, cough or sneeze. These droplets potentially may contain infectious viruses like influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Use them to provide a physical barrier between employees and members of the public as well as between groups of employees sharing offices in accordance with OSHA and other recommendations. Acrylic dividers are easy to clean and sterilize.

Freestanding countertop sneeze guards to protect shop attendants

A countertop guard, consisting of a large rectangular sheet of clear acrylic plastic supported on a sturdy base, provides a physical barrier between receptionists, shop attendants and members of the public. Choose a sneeze guard shield that extends above the head of both the attendant and members of the public. Also, ensure the shield is wide enough to discourage customers from trying to peer around the side of the shield. Most shields have a small gap or cutout at the bottom to facilitate payment and receipt of goods purchased.

Segregate work areas with portable dividers

In many workplaces, it's difficult to segregate employees by the recommended distance of 6 ft. In these instances, use portable acrylic dividers and barriers for safe distancing to separate workstations and create partitions. Add functionality by choosing whiteboard dividers or magnetic whiteboards as these will find further use once distancing restrictions ease. Choose portable sneeze guards to separate employees working on benches or sharing desks.

Sink splash guards to prevent the spread of contaminated liquids

Keep employees washing their hands safely using a sink splash guard. Available in several sizes, some with convenient cutaways, these acrylic guards provide a barrier to prevent accidental splashes onto adjacent areas or the floor. Choose from a selection of sink splash guards and biohazard shields. Apart from splash guard for sinks, CeilBlue™ also keeps special intubation shield boxes and biohazard shields to protect medical samples and equipment from airborne droplets.

Products to enhance workplace wellness

Check out our other products for workplace wellness. Monitor employees' and visitors' health with disposable temperature strips and thermometers. Apart from shop barriers, we also stock healthcare products such as protective gloves, masks, face shields and sanitizer. Also available are convenient dispensers for PPE, as well as wipes and disinfectants for cleaning workstations.