Bathtub Assistance Devices

Support frail or injured patients and family members and preserve their dignity with bathtub assistance devices. There are options such as chairs for the shower, handholds for the bath and accessories for bed-ridden patients too. Bathtub safety equipment is highly practical and built with individuals with limited mobility and frailty in mind. Use devices, such as shower chair commodes with footrests, to both transport patients to the bathroom and to provide a stable seat in the shower. These devices are suitable for home, clinic and hospital care. The minimum purchase quantity starts at one unit to make these products accessible for care at home.

Bathtub assistance devices provide a measure of safety

Bathtub safety devices are important aids for daily living for both frail and injured individuals. Provide hand grab bars for individuals to aid you in lifting them or to help keep them steady as you wash them. Use a shower seat for patients that can't stand for long or at all and that struggle to get in and out of the bath. Use a portable hair washing system to wash your patients' hair wherever is best and safest for them.

Choose bathtub safety equipment that allows greater independence

Help patients to gain some independence back with dressing aids and tub assistance devices such as hand grab bars and back scrubbers. Let patients who use walkers and canes shower safely on their own using a shower chair or stool. Make it easier for your patients to stand up and sit down in the bath using a bath bench.

Give bed-ridden patients the hygienic care and dignity they deserve

Wash bed-ridden patients' hair using a shampoo basin. These basins are portable and fit onto beds to be positioned under the patient's head in a comfortable position. They're available in solid plastic models or inflatable versions.

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