PPE Dispensers

PPE dispensers and organizers help to keep medical workstations neat and organized. This way, staff can find the items they need quickly. CeilBlue offers bulk acrylic dispensers for face masks, gloves, lab coats, caps and shoe covers. Some items are pre-drilled, so it is possible to hang them on the wall easily. There are also door hangers to store PPE items right on the doors. PPE organizers have several dispensers to keep different items handy. Some models have a sign holder to keep safety procedures visible. Select units are suitable for holding a mixture of PPEs, while others are ideal for one type of protective gear.

PPE dispensers for face masks are available in different measurements and materials to meet the needs of facilities of all sizes. Most models can hold different boxes of face masks, to avoid running out of these PPE items. Some dispensers have universal designs that can accommodate different styles and sizes of face masks. Others can also contain other PPE items, such as gloves.

Most face mask dispensers come in sturdy materials like ABS plastic, stainless steel and acrylic, so they last for many years. Bulk dispensers can accommodate a larger quantity of masks, so they're particularly useful for large facilities.

PPE holders and isolation stations reduce clutter

PPE organizers can hold different types of personal protection supplies, so staff can quickly find what they're looking for. They also help to keep the workstation neat and organized, which improves the staff's productivity. Some acrylic dispensers can hold gloves, caps and shoe covers, making them useful for pre-op rooms. Other units can hold different types of gowns and face masks for better versatility. There are also isolation stations, which help to keep PPE items and hospital hygiene supplies organized in areas where the staff needs to work with isolation patients. They have different spaces to keep gloves, face masks and safety and infection control items tidy.

Most isolation stations have a large capacity to prevent a shortage of PPE items in the room. There are also convenient door hangers that allow keeping gloves and masks right on the door of an isolation room. These models save space and improve organization.

Glove holders help to save space, thanks to their compact designs

Most glove box holders have space-saving and convenient designs to keep even the smallest workspace efficient and organized. They can hold multiple glove boxes, so it's possible to keep different glove sizes in the same holder. Side-loading models are particularly easy to refill. It's possible to hang some glove organizers on the wall or door to save even more space. Others have magnetic parts, so the staff can attach them to a cart.