Personal Massagers

Ease the clinical workload with personal massagers. Available in numerous configurations, body massagers allow you to offer a wider range of massage therapy while reducing physical strain and effort. Handheld massagers allow you to concentrate on specific areas for more intense therapy, while electric-powered massagers promote deep muscle stimulation. Many of these massagers are suitable for both personal and clinical use so that patients can continue their treatments in the comfort of their own homes. Handheld models include weighted massage tools intended for muscle stripping therapies as well as textured plastic balls and rollers for releasing muscle tension. Electric models include vibrators that stimulate circulation and relieve tension and professional percussion massagers with perpendicular vibrations that penetrate fascial layers and relieve muscle fatigue.

Personal massage therapy equipment allows therapists and patients to expand massaging treatment options while reducing physical stress. Most personal massagers are suitable for clinical and home use so patients can continue with therapy at home. Handheld electric massage equipment helps increase muscle mass and improve circulation while helping restoration from muscle injuries.

Ergonomically Shaped Handheld Massagers

Therapists use handheld massagers to treat localized muscle strain and fatigue. They may use wedge-shaped and weighted massaging tools for muscle stripping, to help heal damaged muscles and promote blood flow. Some types of body massagers have round, narrow points for trigger-point therapy. Small spiky plastic balls and rollers help ease aching feet and relieve forearm, hand and wrist pain. Other physical therapy supplies include handheld percussion massagers for performing tapotement treatment while massaging rollers soothe sore muscles.

Perform Deep Muscle Therapy With Percussion Handheld Electric Massagers

Electric percussion massagers expand the capabilities of the original handheld percussion tool to stimulate complete muscle groups simultaneously. These devices have a number of rubber-coated spheres activated by a variable-speed motor. Percussion massagers work at frequencies of around 20 to 40 pulses per second to penetrate deep into muscle groups and ease tension and reduce fatigue. Lightweight models make do with two spheres, while heavy-duty models for professional use may have eight or more balls, making them suitable for full body massage therapy.

Soothing Comfort of Vibrating Massagers

Therapists often use electrically powered vibrating massagers to relax patients at the end of a therapy session. The two primary types of vibrating massage equipment include foot massagers and orbital massagers suitable for full body massage therapy. Apart from promoting foot therapy, some multipurpose models have self-adjusting suspension, allowing their use for other muscle groups such as thigh and calf muscles. Another approach is to use a vibrating wrap with Velcro® fasteners taped around painful joints.

Continuing Massage Therapy at Home

Regular massage therapy is crucial for healing and enhancing muscle tone, especially for athletes and sports professionals. Many personal massagers are suitable for home use once patients learn how to use them correctly. These, together with other healthcare and home gym supplies are crucial for recovery and restoring muscle tone. Check out the CeilBlue™ selection of personal massagers.