Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness products help keep a safe, healthy environment in your facility. Keeping PPE equipment and hand hygiene supplies handy is important to encourage employees to follow safety regulations and best practices. There are also PPE organizers to keep workstations and common areas neat and clutter-free. Sometimes, it's necessary to install acrylic sink splash guards or sneeze guards for infection control to help safeguard employee health. There are lightweight and portable models to install almost anywhere quickly and easily. Other common workplace wellness supplies are disinfectants, to keep common areas contaminant-free, hand sanitizer dispensers and safety signs. These products are suitable for any company, regardless of the industry they operate in.

Workspace disinfection products support employee health

Following janitorial best practices helps to maintain a healthy, neat workspace. Hospital-grade disinfectants are a wise choice to sanitize surfaces in any workspace. There are different types of products available: solutions, sprays and wipes. Wipes are particularly convenient in high-trafficked areas, where the staff needs to sanitize the surfaces often to ensure company wellness.

Most sprays and solutions are ready to use, so the staff only need to wipe the required areas with a cloth. Many disinfectants are effective to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers encourage workers to practice optimal hand hygiene

Keeping an easy-to-use hand sanitizer dispenser in an accessible area is a good practice to promote healthy hand hygiene habits among employees. 

With automatic dispensers, the employees don't have to touch the machine every time they need a dose of hand sanitizer. This helps to prevent germs from spreading on the device. These dispensers are also convenient and intuitive. Many hand sanitizers contain skin conditioning ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin or vitamin E. There are also sanitizing wipes, for increased convenience. 

It's also possible to display hand hygiene best practices on a sign in the restrooms, to further support employee health

Organizers and dispensers help keep PPE equipment organized

The right organizer helps employees to quickly find the workplace wellness consumables they need, from gloves to lab coats. Respiratory hygiene stations feature holders for tissues, hand sanitizers and face masks, as well as sign holders to display best practices.

Some models are pre-drilled, so the staff can easily hang them on walls, while others have a convenient floor stand. Most have clever designs to reduce clutter and maximize productivity.

Most holders for exam gloves are compact and efficient, to fit the needs of many different workspaces. Side-loading models are convenient and easy to refill. Some models feature multiple spaces for gloves of different sizes.

Signs and posters allow display of important safety information

Safety signs are essential to inform employees and contractors about potential hazards and the procedures necessary to prevent injury or illnesses. Each sign follows a specific color code in compliance with OSHA regulations.

CeilBlue™ offers a wide range of worksite wellness products to help keep staff and customers safe.