Employee Health

Protect employees and clientele from entry to checkout with our line of employee health care products that include tools to screen individuals entering the workplace and PPE to use during their shifts. The use of these products reassures staff and customers that those entering the facility are in good health. Our selection of employee wellness products is of high quality to help prevent the spread of illness through cross-contamination among employees and patients, clients or customers. Taking preventive measures using these products has the potential to reduce illness-related absences and maintain productivity. Create a safe work environment that shows employees that you care about their health and safety.

Amp up consumer and employee health care in the workplace

In today's society, consumers are more likely to enter an establishment where employees are healthy and where managers take measures to ensure the potential for the spread of infection is minimal. Disposable screening tools such as thermometers help monitor employee wellness before they enter the facility to begin their shifts. Disposable PPE is available for use during screenings and for employees to use throughout their workday if needed. Face shields and masks protect employees from contamination via body fluids like the spray when someone coughs or sneezes. Further encourage workplace wellness by cleaning high-touch surfaces with disinfectant products and promoting social distancing in the establishment with the use of signage and barriers throughout the facility, especially during the order and checkout process where interaction between staff and consumers is inevitable.

Encourage employee wellness before and during the workday

Before entering the workplace, it may be a good idea to screen employees and visitors for fever and other signs of illness to protect consumers and staff. For those dealing with patients or customers throughout the day, encourage proper use of exam gloves to protect themselves and prevent spreading diseases amidst the facility. Display signs and tape help everyone to maintain a safe distance from one another while still being able to maintain productivity and assist customers. Consider installing shields or screens in locations where customer interactions occur to protect employees from potential illness through these interactions. These shields allow employees to interact with customers while keeping a barrier between them in places like pharmacies and checkouts. Consider using these employee wellness products in conjunction with routine cleaning and disinfecting practices to protect employees and customers from illness transmitted by cross-contamination.

Employee wellness products to decrease illness-related absence

When employers follow measures to promote employee wellness in the workplace, it minimizes the potential for the spread of disease through cross-contamination. Following practices like these often lead to lower absenteeism due to staff being ill. Utilize the employee wellness products available at CeilBlue™ that include PPE like face masks and gloves, barriers and disinfectant supplies to keep employees healthy while they work.