Medical Exam Tables

When choosing supplies for your hospital or practice, the right medical exam tables will give your patient’s comfort while you get control. We are leaders in medical equipment and furniture, with a large variety of styles to fit the needs of any medical practice. These durable and long-lasting physician exam tables come in several configurations and materials, including wood, metal, with or without shelves, and flat or angled. You can also find a variety of space saving tables when you need to conserve space within your practice. Many treatment tables are perfect for physical therapy and athletic training facilities as well. No matter what kind of medical practice you run, CeilBlue™ examination tables will provide your facility with the resources you need to provide excellent care.

Medical Exam Tables Are Crucial Components of Any Practice

Medical treatment tables are ideal for standardizing the inventory at your practice. If you require a wider range of tables for a broad cross section of needs, there are tables to fit many medical requirements. These tables are ideal not only for general examinations, but they also fit well in physical therapy centers, chiropractic offices, and a considerable number of specialist practices. Physician exam tables come in many options from simple wooden tables with a shelf beneath to angled metal constructions with several layers of padding and an accompanying system of drawers. Many of the tables also have a space saving design, meaning there are a variety of solutions for offices that have space as a premium.

Features to Fit the Purpose

While many patient examination tables offer applicable features for any medical practice, they also offer specific features that work for particular practices. Chiropractic and massage patients benefit from medical treatment tables with thicker padding to help absorb the pressure applied during physical manipulation, or deep kneading of tissue and muscle. 

Padding thickness is less important than work surface with physical therapy or sports medicine applications. Flat surfaces and height accessible areas allow for specific patient movements needed for PT. Adjustable table features that can isolate back, leg, or foot movements enhance and improve a therapist’s access to body areas, and maximize the accuracy of the manipulation or movement required for successful rehab. Patients benefit from the ability to perform required movements and exercises with minimum pain, or unnecessary non-therapeutic movement.

Minimize Stress, Maximize Comfort

A chief concern among the people who purchase medical supplies is how to keep patients comfortable. Decades of medical research have gone into making the patient experience a less stressful one, and the effect of stress on recovery is well documented. Coming into a doctor’s office can be stressful to many people. That means patient comfort is one of the key facets of managing a practice, and the physician exam tables we offer have industry-leading designs to maximize patient comfort. 

Our medical treatment tables ensure patients are comfortable and at ease, with most including a layer of soft padding that makes the office experience a little less stressful. Some even come with power lifts on the back and leg rests, allowing for an adjustable form of relief for patients that may have problems with their neck or spine. The tables we offer are ideal for ensuring the most pleasant experience patients can have.

Medical exam tables may not be the most sophisticated or complex tool you use in your office, but they certainly play a big part in improving the patient experience. CeilBlue has a large selection of examination tables that fit many styles of practice. If new equipment purchases are on the horizon, be sure to look at our exam room supplies to get a better idea of what your facility may need.