Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are useful to perform different types of aerobic exercises. They can help your patients learn how to maintain a correct posture, lift weights in the correct way and even control the core muscles. You can also use the ball as if it was a chair, to stimulate the trunk muscles that support the spine. This helps the body to form a healthy posture, reducing the strain associated with sitting for many hours at a desk. Stability balls also work well for cardio workouts and to warm up the muscles before physical exercise. If your patient doesn't have a gym bench at home, they can use the ball instead.

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Stability balls during pregnancy

Exercise balls are one of the most popular workout tools for pregnant women. They come in handy to perform light workout routines that help to strengthen the pelvic muscles for an easier labor. The right exercises may put the baby in a better position inside the uterus. A pregnant woman can also use the ball during labor, by sitting on it or leaning against it. After birth, the woman can repurpose the ball as a comfortable place to sit, since hard surfaces might be uncomfortable in the postpartum period. It can become one of the essential items in your home gym supplies.

Exercise saddle rolls are easier to use than balls

Thanks to their shape, exercise rolls are typically easier to control than a traditional gym ball, since they can only rotate back and forth. For this reason, they're suitable for beginners. The saddle roll design offers extra support when you're sitting on the apparatus. Use these rolls the same way you would use a ball, to perform exercises that strengthen the core muscles or help develop coordination. 

Donut exercise balls offer extra stability

Donut balls are physical therapy exercise equipment that is particularly useful for children since they're easy to use and colorful. They work well for sensory therapy and as a workout tool to help the child develop balance and coordination. The hole in the center improves stability when the child is using the ball. These inflatable donut balls are available in different sizes to fit the needs of every patient.

Squeeze balls can help improve hand dexterity

These balls are useful to help patients develop grip strength, restore hand dexterity and improve their motor skills. They're available in different resistance levels to fit the skills of different patients. It's also possible to heat and chill many squeeze balls for different kinds of therapy. Some balls are round, while others come in an egg shape. Squeeze balls allow users to perform different types of exercises. Patients can squeeze them with their thumb and fingers or between two fingers. Alternatively, they can pinch the ball or roll it on their palm.

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