Customer Entry & Checkout

Customer safety is fundamental in any industry. It's important to always keep personal protection items, such as gloves, face masks, disinfectant products and visible signs that explain safety procedures and best practices in easily accessible areas. It's also useful to install sneeze guards in checkout lanes and countertops to prevent the spread of germs. These workplace safety guards use easy-to-disinfect materials to save time when cleaning high-trafficked areas. Alternatively, stanchions and barriers represent another cost-effective way to encourage people to practice social distancing and delimit hazardous areas. Safety signs and warning tags come in standardized, intuitive designs to warn employees and customers of potential hazards.

Acrylic shields and sneeze guards are easy to install and help maintain a healthy environment

Installing a sneeze guard to protect the health of customers and employees doesn't have to be daunting. Models with suction cups are easy to install, convenient and staff can move them as required. Strong suction cups help the guards to stay in place on any surface.

Sneeze guards work well on countertops, check-in areas and checkout lanes for customer safety. Most models come in durable materials that can stand the test of time, even in highly-trafficked areas. Convenient cutouts allow for easy passage of credit cards, cash, ID and documents without reducing the protection for both employees and customers or patients.

There are also sink splash guards for biohazard control in medical environments. Most splash guards are portable, so staff can easily move them from one sink to another, and some models even feature sign holders to keep safety procedures in view. 

PPE dispensers and organizers keep personal protection items handy and neat

Putting personal protection gear at the disposal of visitors and employees without clutter is possible. PPE organizers are compact and have smart designs to keep workplace wellness consumables such as face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and tissues neat.

Some models are pre-drilled, so staff can attach them to a wall easily. Others have a compact floor stand that takes up minimal space. To control the spread of germs even further, some organizers feature automatic dispensers for hand sanitizers and other workspace disinfection supplies. Others have sign holders to display rules and procedures for workplace safety

Glove holders keep these important hand protection items within reach. Most models can hold different glove boxes, so customers and employees can quickly find the right size for them. This helps prevent waste from employees accidentally picking up gloves of the wrong size. Face mask dispensers are hygienic and easy to use.

Stanchions and barriers help with crowd control and customer safety

Stanchions and belt tape barriers are useful to temporarily block access to hazardous areas or encourage visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other. It's also possible to add signage to any stanchion, to display warning signs or other messages related to workplace wellness and safety.

Make your facility or business as safe as possible with customer entry and checkout products from CeilBlue™.