Pain Relief

Topical pain relievers ease discomfort related to a wide range of ailments. These pain relief medicines come in many different formulations and textures to accommodate varying pain levels. Certain products soothe pain with heat, while others use a cold or tingling sensation to minimize pain. Some medications come in a spray bottle, others have a roll-on gel applicator and other options apply like a lotion. Choose from single tubes, multipacks and display boxes intended for retail sale. Depending on the demographics and needs of your practice's patients, you may stock a single type of topical analgesic that targets their specific pains or keep multiple options on hand.

Various application methods meet the needs of your patients

The variety of pain relief application methods allow practitioners and clinic managers from different specialty areas to choose options that suit their patients' preferences. Some pain relievers have a gel or lotion consistency and users must massage them into the skin. Spray-on analgesics rub into the skin on the affected area similar to gel and lotion options but require a much lighter hand. For situations where you limit your direct contact with patients, consider if a roll-on applicator could be a viable option. Certain products, such as Point Relief™ ColdSpot™,  require you to massage them into the skin, and they come with an applicator if touch-free application is necessary.

Fast-working pain relief for a variety of settings

Topical pain relief gels and sprays are useful in many medical and clinical settings. Physical therapists may keep analgesics on hand for application after a demanding physical therapy session or to give clients for use at home. These medications are also commonplace in assisted living homes, where clients are likely to experience pain from backaches, arthritis and joint issues caused by daily life. General practitioners often keep these in stock for patients with minor backaches, muscle sprains and strains and arthritis flare-ups. Some people keep topical pain relievers in their first aid supplies for burns and other minor injuries.

Ideal for use in a clinic and at-home use

While this product line is convenient in clinical settings, it is also useful for those seeking pain relief at home. Topical gels aim to offer fast relief to a specific area. People with chronic pain issues consider easily accessible analgesics to be important aids for daily living. They're also suitable for athletes and those who frequently struggle with pulled or sprained muscles. Whether you plan to use topical pain relief at your clinic or provide it for patients' use at home, find the right solution at CeilBlue™.