Glove Box Holders

Glove box holders keep gloves within reach of staff to protect themselves and their patients against harmful bacteria and infectious body fluids. They allow for clear visibility of each box, letting staff members grab the right pair of gloves each time with a glance. The dispensers save facilities money as they alleviate waste from staff members grabbing the wrong gloves. At CeilBlue, you'll find a variety of glove dispensers to choose from, making it easy to find the right unit for your exam and procedure rooms. Wall-mount and countertop units free up counter space for charts and supplies. Choose from anti-microbial, stainless steel and acrylic holders that house single or multiple boxes. A combination dispenser provides access to bags or liners, while a unit with shelves puts frequently used items within reach and decreases the potential for cross-contamination.

Glove box holders keep gloves within reach for protection during exams and procedures

It's crucial to have gloves and other protective equipment readily available when necessary for exams, treatments and procedures. It's essential to equip each room with proper PPE dispensers, including disposable glove dispensers to protect staff and patients throughout each visit. They keep gloves sanitary and save staff time from searching in drawers by having hand protection readily available on countertops, walls or doors. The holders allow staff to view the gloves at a glance to grab the right size or style to eliminate waste.

Easy-to-fill latex glove box holders provide multiple glove options in one place

Ramp up safety and infection control in the facility by keeping the necessary supplies stocked for staff to use when needed. A side- or top-load disposable glove dispenser, or a box with a hinged lid, makes it easy to see each box and when they need replacement. Choose from several styles of dispensers, including stainless steel and acrylic boxes that sit on countertops or hang on walls or doors. Opt for a side-load box on a wood panel to accent the decor in exam rooms. Anti-microbial dispensers have built-in technology to prevent contamination of gloves before use, making them ideal for high-traffic areas in the facility. Units that house multiple boxes of gloves often have dividers between each one that allows quick and easy replacement of individual glove boxes.

Universal disposable glove dispensers with versatility

Treatment rooms require staff to have more than just gloves on hand when performing procedures. A countertop or wall-mount dispenser aids in having hospital hygiene supplies in plain sight. A combination holder for gloves and biohazard bags or a disposable glove dispenser that holds up to three boxes of gloves and has shelves enables staff members to reach the necessary supplies during treatments and procedures quickly. The holders fit most standard-size boxes of gloves from several brands. The front opening gives staff easy access to each box of gloves. Keep the treatment team and their patients safe with an adequate supply of gloves easily accessible wherever employees perform examinations, treatments or procedures.