Use dumbbells at home or in a gym environment. Incorporate these affordable and versatile pieces of exercise equipment into resistance and cardiovascular workouts. Use them to improve strength and coordination after injuries or long periods of bed rest. Weight options range from 1 lb. to 50 lbs. Black or silver sets are available. The vinyl or neoprene coated weights come in bright colors. Both types of dumbbell weights are color-coded according to their weights to make selection easy. Purchase racks separately or as a part of a set to keep your space neat and store them safely.

Use and store dumbbell weights even in tiny apartments as they are small and easy to store. Take this workout equipment on holiday or work trips depending on weight restrictions for your trip. This makes them a popular choice when it comes to home exercise equipment. Use light to medium weights to strengthen your arms or shoulders. Choose a weight that is challenging but still allows you to keep good form. Use heavier weights to add resistance to squats and lunges since the weight is evenly spread. Add additional resistance to aerobic workouts with light weights. Select light to medium weights to perform high repetitions during body conditioning workouts. Adding a dumbbell set with a variety of weights complements your other home gym supplies. Choose weights with one or more flat edges to prevent them from rolling around and causing a hazard.

Use dumbbell sets in a professional setting

Purchase storage racks separately or as part of a set with dumbbells included for efficient storage. Dumbbells can also be purchased separately. Put them in the free weights section along with kettlebells or use them in group fitness classes. Hex dumbbells have multiple flat edges to prevent them from rolling around. This also makes them stable enough to do push ups or high planks on. Select the exact weight that you need easily as each dumbbell is marked with its weight. Choose vinyl or neoprene coated weights for a more comfortable grip. The weight markings stand out very clearly due to the color contrast, making it easy for members to select the correct set quickly before a class. Use lighter weights for rehabilitation exercises after injuries. Give your physical therapy practice a more uplifting feel thanks to the bright colors of the neoprene and vinyl weights.

Protect your floors and keep your weights in good condition

Rubber dumbbell sets are less noisy when dropped and the rubber is much harder to mark or chip. This is helpful in a gym environment where they are used frequently by many different people. Vinyl coated weights don't scratch the floor. This makes them suitable for a workout studio environment where the condition of the floor needs to be maintained well. Vinyl is also smooth, which makes it easy to clean if they do get dirty. Neoprene coated weights are a durable choice as the coating is split-resistant. CeilBlue™ offers a wide range of dumbbells for a variety of exercise routines.