Barriers for Safe Distancing

Keep your business safe as it reopens in a new world with our range of social distancing barriers. Ensure that employees and customers can engage with each other with minimal risk of infection. Naturally, the customers you once relied on will be hesitant to come back to stores as things reopen, but by implementing the right physical barriers, you can give those customers an additional sense of safety and security. CeilBlue™ offers several different styles of barriers and partitions that are suitable for a variety of spaces, from enclosed spaces like doctor's offices to commercial spaces such as convenience stores and banks.

Keep Employees and Customers Safe with Social Distancing Barriers

As the world is in a state of flux, businesses still need to provide goods and services to customers as a public-facing business. That means that at this time, social distancing barriers are a necessity to prevent the spread of infection and keep your customers safe. We offer a range of dividers and partitions that increase safety and security no matter what type of business you operate, from small, enclosed spaces that need to keep a receptionist separated to busy environments with high customer turnover. By integrating these physical barriers into your business or office, you can return to a somewhat normal flow of business and give customers, patients and clients the peace of mind they're craving as they go back outside.

A diverse set of solutions

There are many workplace wellness solutions. Social distancing barriers come in a range of formats, meaning that businesses with unique solutions can find something that fits their needs for ensuring safety and security. For medical spaces, multiple dividers for patient safety are available. These physical barriers are multifunctional, with some offering a minimal profile when folded, while others offer a whiteboard that doubles as a way of communicating information. If customers frequently have to come close to a cashier in a setting such as a grocery store or bank, acrylic shields and screen guards offer a way of keeping both customers and employees safe.

Storage and privacy, all in one

We also offer mobile storage carts with privacy shields for healthcare settings. When moving samples or medications from station to station in a hospital, for instance, it's easy to keep prying eyes away from what's on the cart, improving patient safety. With antimicrobial curtains, you can ensure an extra level of safety to your patients, doctors and nurses, a critical task in these critical times.

Help your business help your customers

Navigating through this changing world is a challenge for any business, and providing extra security for your customers or patients is an essential step in this process. Provide a level of mental and emotional security to your clientele through the placement of the proper barriers. With the diverse field of social distancing barriers CeilBlue offers, you can have something that makes sense for the facility or business you manage.