Physical Therapy Weights

Supply hospitals, fitness establishments or home studios with physical therapy weights, including dumbbells, weight bars and medicine balls. Horizontal and vertical storage racks for weights are available to make a training area safe and to make weights easy to access. These weights have a comfortable grip due to the textured surface, and they feature cast-iron and rubber materials. Look for hand exerciser sets and other weights in bulk to accommodate workout spaces on a large scale. Mobile stations with weights in varying dimensions are convenient for outdoor training sessions as they enable quick transporting on swivel casters. Choose weight equipment with different colors and weight marks to accommodate public physical therapy facilities.

Weight equipment for physical therapy and home use

Order a supply of physical therapy weights to accommodate medical facilities and home fitness rooms. Individual weights, weight sets, and storage racks are available so that business managers can equip their establishments appropriately. Standard and wall-mountable storage racks enable easy access to weights while keeping them off the floor for safety. Vertical storage racks are available as well, so trainers can keep workout areas orderly. Versatile physical therapy supplies include dumbbells, medicine balls and weight bars, which are suitable for individuals recovering from an injury. They can use these tools to work on muscle strength after an injury or to prepare for a sports event. Mobile storage stations with swivel casters are another option, suitable for quick weight equipment transporting to another training room or an outdoor location.

Single- and dual-grip medicine balls are an excellent tool for rotational movement exercises and abdominal training. Some medicine balls come with a rigid texture, so it’s easy to handle them during physical recovery. The weights selection includes CanDo® products for physical therapy such as vinyl-coated storage racks for weights and hand exerciser sets. Patients can use hand exerciser sets to strengthen finger muscles after complex surgery. Two- and three-tier racks are available, allowing you to store several varying weights with specific load capacity, depending on the model.

Equip large establishments with fitness weights

With sets of dozens of cuff ankles, dumbbells, and weight bars, facility managers can equip large establishments, where individuals can access fitness weights. When choosing a specific set of weights, many models include multiple colors and numerical markings. Weight specifications are also visible for convenience. That way, trainers and medical physicians can always account for every piece of training equipment. Weighted vests are available as well, featuring sandbag weights that conform to the body. 

Help patients improve motor skills, coordination, and endurance with physical therapy exercise equipment from CeilBlue™. Professional trainers can use weight bars for aerobics exercises, group classes or even Pilates. These weight supplies are ideal for commercial use in busy fitness studios and therapy practices due to durable, scratch-resistant materials. This includes a protective vinyl coating on cast-iron or rubber hex dumbbells. Iron and rubber are both shock-resistant material options, so they won’t bend or budge under pressure.