Medical Training Aids

Stock up on medical training aids for students to safely simulate procedures as they learn. Regular practice with medical training equipment helps to bolster confidence and increase efficiency. Students also become more accustomed to the equipment they need to use and the tasks they may perform regularly in the field. Check out the nursing skills manikin to practice full-body care procedures such as inserting catheters, taking blood pressure measurements, inserting drips and turning patients. For a more localized approach, consider a chest skills trainer to practice the insertion, withdrawal and care of multiple vascular access lines in the chest and arm. CeilBlue™ offers a range of medical accessories and supplies to facilitate training.

Prepare students for in-patient procedures using medical training aids

Teach students the correct use of exam room supplies and to perform various procedures and patient care using medical training supplies. Let students practice birthing procedures, including natural birth and cesarean section, using a birthing simulator. Improve emergency response during situations such as the rupture of membranes or breech birth. Practice performing episiotomies and putting in stitches using an episiotomy and suture simulator. Train students to perform epidurals with the epidural and spinal injection simulator. Enhance post-operative care using a wound care and bandaging technique trainer. Train students to insert normal, wandering and floating Implanted Venous Access Devices (IVAD) with the "Body in a Box" port skills trainer. Practice catheter insertion using a catheterization training model. Learn to insert ostomy pouches with an ostomy pouching trainer.

Train students for clinic or medical practice work using medical training equipment

Learn to work with a range of medical practice supplies and perform a variety procedures. Get more accustomed to giving injections with intramuscular injection simulator. Learn how to tend to wounds common in nursing homes and clinic and medical practices using the wound care model. Keep the wound care model safe during storage and transportation with a case. Practice performing prostate exams using a prostate examination trainer.

Facilitate CPR training sessions

Give people cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation training using a CPR manikin. Provide training for other respiratory first aid treatments including inserting endotracheal tube and combitubes or blind insertion airway devices (BIAD). Simulate pulse and eye movement the hand pumps available on certain models. For better analytics, check out the digitally enabled manikins. To complement all these training aids, check out the CelBlue range of medical diagnostic equipment today.