About CeilBlue

We’re not pups.

We’ve been navigating the medical sea for over 15 years so we know these waters well. From The Joint Commission to healthcare reform to the WHO, we know the ins and outs of your everyday business.

We also stock our pond with team members that come directly from the medical field so speaking your language is second-nature to us. We know what you need to get a good blood sample, how to keep infections under control, and when you’re likely going to need to stock up on key supplies (hello, flu season!).

Tired of waiting on your big distributor?  It’s time to cut that big whale loose.

When you order from CeilBlue, you get fast, efficient, clap-your-hands-you’re-so-happy service that leaves those whale-size guys in our wake. While those big distributors are still trying to process your order, we’ve already signed, sealed, and shipped your order!

And now a word about prices & quantities.

CeilBlue Medical Supplies is in business to provide quality, affordable products to price-conscious medical professionals like you. Period.

We price our products competitively so that once you get to our site, you know you can stop surfing for a better deal. 

To help you keep your head above water, we also offer products in lower quantities. That’s right, you only have to buy what you need! That gross of slides from the behemoth distributors might have a small per-piece price, but how long does it sit on your shelf collecting dust – only to expire or become obsolete?

Local waters.

We’re real people in a real building not too far from you. Our 100,000 square foot distribution/business center is centrally located in the Midwest, so your supplies are usually just a couple of days away. In fact, most items are in stock and can ship to you within 24 hours. For big ticket items or big orders, we ask for your patience; it might take a couple of more days to get to you.

Everyone’s treated like the Big Kahuna.

Our size might be modest, but we’re flexible and agile enough to meet the needs of all sizes of healthcare facilities. Big, small, and in between, we treat everyone the same.

*No seals were harmed in the creation of CeilBlue.

NOTE: We at CeilBlue know that seals do not have thumbs. But our high level of service always gets a thumbs up from our customers.