Medical Carts

Choose from a range of medical carts to find one suited to your particular needs. Conveniently move medication and supplies from room to room as they are needed. Check out phlebotomy carts for blood services. Make it easier to treat patients on ventilators using a mobile respiratory cart complete with a designated space for an oxygen concentrator. Put isolation carts in strategic places to store personal protective gear to lower the risk of infection. Browse the selection of carts available for a suitable anesthesia cart to place in the operating theater and stock up on crucial items for use during surgery.

Always have medical supplies and medication at hand using a medical cart

Choose a mobile medical cart with drawers for better organization and quick access to items like medical bandages, gauze and needles. Use bedside medical carts to store medication, hot and cold compresses, disinfectant, plasters and provide space for patients' belongings. Pack boxes of gloves, masks and more in a cart frame complete with wire baskets.

Phlebotomy carts are practical for you and eases the experience for your patients

Keep it basic but highly practical with phlebotomy draw carts that have just a surface to work on and a drawer to keep blood draw supplies in. Stock up mobile blood banks with carts that come complete with storage bins and medical waste bins in addition to the basics. Keep children calm and entertained with a pediatric phlebotomy cart that has colorful child-friendly designs on the cart.

Get medical supplies to where they're needed quickly and safely

Store and transport medicine, first aid kits and more securely in a locked medical storage cart. Minimize the number of trips that staff members need to make with a trolley design that includes multiple baskets. Choose a cart with handles to make it easier to push and for more control during transportation.

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