Safety Signs

Safety signs play a vital role in helping workers identify hazards and in emphasizing the importance of safety practices within the workplace. Although they are not a substitute for proper training, safety signs, aid in the communication of essential guidelines and the reinforcement of safety measures. Apart from reminding employees of personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, these signs can notify visitors and employees of tripping hazards, harmful radiation and chemical hazards. In the United States and Canada, safety signs are a legal requirement. Safety symbols are universally recognizable, alleviating the need for translated languages. The signs must be noticeable and in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. OSHA standards include content requirements and formatting. Make your workplace much safer and organized with safety signs.

Communicate your commitment to employee safety

Hazard signs are a great way of showing your commitment and dedication to employee safety. For all employers, it's crucial to purchase safety and hazard signs that will be effective in attaining improved and safer communication within the workplace.

By mounting appropriate signs and communication symbols within the workplace, you are complying with the OSHA/American National Standards Institute (OSHA/ANSI) regulations. OSHA/ANSI compliance will not only impress your customers but will also improve your reputation.

The signage that you adopt helps determine your commitment to employee safety. Therefore, all safety signs installed must communicate safety procedures effectively.

Reduce workplace liability and accident claims with proper safety signage

Existing standards and regulations on workplace safety dictate that it's the responsibility of the employer to ensure proper facilitation of safety measures within the workplace. Compliance with workplace safety standards will help protect your business from legal liabilities and accident claims.

By avoiding legal liabilities, you can save thousands of dollars for channeling to other projects. Moreover, a prohibition sign and hazard sign goes a long way in augmenting conscious levels. Enhanced conscious levels will, in turn, promote workplace wellness and employee safety.

Choosing the right safety symbols for your business

To identify the type of safety signs needed within the workplace, employers must first undertake a comprehensive risk assessment. Detailed risk assessments help employers identify risk factors and hazards that have the potential of causing harm. It also helps you determine the type of message that safety signs should convey.

When placing hazard signs and prohibition signs within the workplace, it's essential to begin with customer entry and checkout areas. It helps if you also do all you can to prevent familiarity sign blindness, which is quite common in many workplaces where workers tend to see these safety signs every day.

On top of that, always settle for safety signs that are easy to move from one location to the other. You can also change the look and design of the sign occasionally. Doing this helps enhance your workers' awareness of the safety sign message. Browse CeilBlue™ safety signage collections and catalog collections to meet the needs of your facility.