Standing Desks & Treadmill Desks

Standing desks provide health benefits to employees whose jobs require them to remain seated for extended periods of the day. Productivity increases with staff members who use these workstations since they have the freedom to work while standing. Select models give users the ability to move freely about the office or classroom to keep students and coworkers engaged. The use of treadmill desks in the office lets employees safely exercise to remain healthy during their shifts and maintain productivity without leaving the workplace. Encourage healthy employee work habits with our selection of versatile workstations from brands like Active Station® that get everyone up and moving during the day.

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When choosing desks for the traditional or home office, consider a workstation where employees can be productive while improving their health at the same time. Standing desks let staff stand up while working and collaborate easily with their peers. Select models enable the user to adjust from a seated to a standing position to alleviate strain on the legs, neck, back and feet. A walking treadmill desk is like bringing physical therapy exercise equipment to the office. Treadmill desks let employees stand up and walk while they work to get the exercise they need.

Workstations that provide freedom and flexibility

Select models of desks let employees adjust from a seated to a standing position manually. Their hydraulics enable the user to quickly and quietly change from seated to standing positions without distracting their peers. Larger workstations have a space for connecting a computer monitor, storing electronic devices and ample space for books and writing supplies. Smaller models have plenty of space for a laptop, books and writing supplies, making them ideal for students. Both models provide a sliding keyboard shelf to hide the keyboard or laptop when not in use. Opt for a model with casters to give users the freedom of movement throughout the office or classroom while keeping the desk with them to keep students and coworkers engaged. For the worker who remains in one area throughout the day, an electric standing desk lets the user change positions with the simple push of a button while the unit only takes up the same amount of space as a traditional office desk.

Get exercise while working with a walking treadmill desk

For employees who enjoy walking, consider an under-the-desk treadmill to meet their needs. The integrated control console lets the user change speed and height to amp up their workout while remaining productive. They'll feel like they have a piece of home exercise equipment right under their desk. The unit operates quietly to avoid distraction to coworkers or during phone calls and meetings. An optional side rail provides safety while using the walking treadmill desk to prevent unwanted accidents. Choose from desk treadmills in small and large sizes to find the one that lets employees feel like their home gym supplies are at their desks each day. Explore these versatile workstations to keep employees healthy and productive in the workplace or home office.