Weight Racks & Storage

Weight storage racks make it easy to organize weights and supplies for athletic training and physical therapy and keep them out of the way when not in use. Keeping supplies organized enables therapists to spend more time with patients. CeilBlue™ has storage options for a variety of weights like medicine balls, resistance bands and fitness bars. A hex dumbbell rack with up to three tiers keeps dumbbells out of the way to protect staff and patients from injury when not in use. Choose from wall-hanging or floor racks for smaller equipment to make the most out of the available treatment space. For offices with multiple rehabilitation and training areas, opt for mobile storage carts that house a variety of supplies to transport them from one location to another with ease. Store weights on these racks to enable staff to quickly find what they're looking for and spend more time providing patients and athletes with the quality care they deserve.

Keep weights off the floor to prevent unwanted accidents caused by tripping over them when you use weight storage racks for proper storage. These units help to keep physical therapy weights where they belong when not in use. Medicine ball storage units house regular and dual grip medicine balls of varying weights so it's easier to locate the right one at a glance. Keep dumbbells in their place with a horizontal or vertical dumbbell rack against a wall or anywhere in the room to give everyone easy access to the equipment. Foam rollers and resistance bands stay organized and ready for use when stored in handy wall racks. Store fitness bars using a floor or wall storage unit to prevent scratches when not in use. All of these storage solutions give physical therapy staff easy access to the weights and alleviates endless searching for what they need. 

Display rehabilitation and training supplies with style

Rehabilitation and training areas appear neat and organized with storage options that have a metal or laminate finish. Dumbbell racks and medicine ball storage units made with rugged metal enhance the room's appearance. The laminate finish of weight bar racks and other storage for physical therapy supplies cleans easily to lessen the risk of cross-contamination.

Mobile storage makes transporting supplies throughout the facility easy

When working with non-ambulatory patients or in multiple areas of the facility, portable storage units on casters let staff take the necessary supplies wherever they need to. The mobile cabinets house most of the essential supplies for a rehabilitation session. They include a weight bar rack to easily store fitness bars and a vertical dumbbell rack to provide a variety of exercises without moving from one location to another. These units also have room for multiple sizes of cuff weights, resistance bands, and a variety of other supplies necessary for a complete session without having to get them from another area.

Properly store weights for safer and smoother training and physical therapy sessions

Proper storage of equipment and supplies gives those who come to the facility a safe place to train because everything is out of the way to prevent accidents. Training and rehabilitation sessions often go smoother when equipment is easy to find when stored using vertical dumbbell racks or other units. Shop the selection of storage for physical therapy and home gym supplies at CeilBlue to keep them organized so specialists have more time to provide quality care to patients and athletes.