Home Gym

Incorporate and regularly use home gym equipment in your physical therapy rehabilitation routines and athletic workouts to help enhance recovery and exercise performance goals. There is a wide range of equipment available to suit every space, from small handheld weights, foam rollers and resistance bands to large treadmills, functional trainers and indoor exercise bikes. Specialized home-based rehabilitation equipment, such as handheld putty and soft-grip weights accommodates additional support for your recovery exercises. Use home workout equipment to build strength, flexibility, dexterity, cardiovascular and balance. Improve your post-workout muscle recovery and relaxation with handheld personal massagers after workouts are complete.

Rehabilitate after an injury or enhance physical health with strength, flexibility, dexterity and balance exercises using a customized home gym. For smaller workout spaces, opt for equipment that is useful for multiple different types of exercises. Resistance bands, exercise mats and foam rollers are lightweight and compact equipment, useful for a range of both strength and flexibility exercises. Larger spaces may be suitable for upper and lower body home exercise equipment, such as treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, functional trainers and ellipticals to help build cardiovascular health, joint range-of-motion, coordination and muscle strength.

Home rehabilitation equipment

Use specialized physical therapy gym exercise equipment for rehabilitation routines anytime at home. For strength exercises, use incremental physical therapy weights as you grow stronger. A range of weight styles suits differing needs, including dumbbells, hand grips, WaTE bars and soft-grips. Exercise putty, foam squeeze balls and medicine balls with rebounders help with hand dexterity exercises. 

Home gym essentials

Selecting essential home gym equipment will vary depending on specific rehabilitation and exercise goals. Exercises mats are a vital addition to any home gym as they are useful for floor-based exercises such as yoga and pilates as well as providing a stable base when performing standing strength or resistance training. Equipment essential for flexibility exercises and stretching includes resistance bands, small foam rollers, massage sticks and balls. Build strength with weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bars and medicine balls. Home workout equipment such as inflatable balls, balance boards and balance discs give you a fun way to challenge core strength and practice balance.

Help relax muscles with massage equipment

Massage equipment helps your tender muscles recover. Manual massagers including textured balls and rollers, help to release tension and encourage sensory stimulation. Point relief massagers are available in handheld varieties for massage across the body and floor-based to stand on for soothing foot massages. Hand-held rotary electric massage devices are suitable for relaxing large areas of the body, such as the back, shoulders and thighs. Use home gym equipment from CeilBlue™ to reach your exercise and rehabilitation goals from the convenience of your home.