Medical Storage Bins

Clutter is very damaging to an efficient and high-functioning medical practice, meaning you need medical storage bins to keep your practice running smoothly. CeilBlue™ offers a large selection of medical storage containers that will suit any medical facility’s needs, from a small private practice to a large hospital. We offer not only the bins themselves but also a large supply of accessories that complement those containers. There is an endless range of possibilities for your practice to improve its workflow with new organizational techniques.

Keep medical supplies neatly stored and organized with medical AkroBins

One of the most important concerns that any manager of a medical facility has to determine is how to store medical supplies. Basic medical supplies need to be accessible to doctors and nurses and kept separate from each other to ensure that everything is identifiable. When you need to keep your supplies in neat and orderly configurations, browse medical organizer bins that match whatever situation you have in your practice.

Many color and size options available

The medical storage containers are ready to revolutionize the way your practice manages its inventory. We have Akro-Mils® drawer bins that are a perfect solution for any situation where multiple sets of supplies need to be nearby each other. They come in as many as nine different colors, meaning that your doctors and nurses can tell which supplies go in which bin. Medical AkroBins® come in configurations that make an easier time for your staff when handling patients. Some medical storage bins stack and mount to walls to save space on desks and other flat surfaces. In addition, Akro-Mils grid storage bins are a great solution for dividing up the many supplies you may need on hand to assist in a better patient experience.

Medical AkroBins come with a variety of accessories that make for an efficient workflow for you and your staff. Large packs of dividers that fit in the ridges on your bins provide even more options for storing your important medical supplies. We have dividers that portion out your bins both lengthwise and width-wise, meaning that you can divide up your bins anyway you please. The selection of Akro-Mils shelf bins is ideal for whatever storage needs your facility has. All these storage bins are made with durable materials for longevity. No matter the organizational problem you face in your practice, you can count on our selection of clutter-reducing tools to make your facility more efficient.