Supply animal care facilities and homes with pet crates, mats and beds. Exercise pens come with dual locking doors and dark finishes for aesthetic appeal. With narrow wire spacing, the crates prevent pets wandering off when they're not under supervision. Locking doors make pet cages secure for safe use. Elevated pet cots offer convenience on uneven surfaces, and they ensure proper airflow below the fabric. Super-soft pet beds come in many styles with durable materials that are hard to chew or claw through. Mats with bumper cushioning provide pets with comfortable and functional sleeping foundations . A collapsible design of select pet crates enables simple disassembly without tools.

Equip veterinary clinics with various containment products, including pet crates, carriers and comfortable beds. Stainless steel pet cages provide durability throughout frequent use. Smaller easy-to-carry crates with lightweight plastic ensure simple and secure pet transport. Look for cages and carriers with different dimensions to accommodate small and large animals. 

Pet crates and carriers enable outdoor use under varying conditions

Black-finished exercise pens are practical for outdoor use, helping keep dogs in your yard and away from busy roads. Canopies are available as well, providing shade and shelter from the elements. They protect your beloved animal against the sun, heat and light rain. Reflective material makes each canopy efficient at blocking the sun's rays, and the weave design promotes natural ventilation. If you have a smaller animal, such as a ferret or cat, a cage hammock is a fitting solution. Slings, bags and backpacks for small pets are ideal when you're out with your tiny pet. High-end cleaning and disinfecting materials ensure crates and cages stay hygienic for frequent use.

Soft pet beds for silent nights

Versatile pet beds come in many styles to match different dogs and cats. Snuggle beds for cats include faux-suede exteriors and foamy interiors for optimal pet comfort. The bottoms of these beds have nonslip materials to keep them stable while the pet is moving around. Cage perches for cats offer customization, meaning that users can adjust the perch heights inside cages. Water-resistant dog beds are another option, featuring durable polypropylene material. Look for different animal care products, such as bowls, pails and food scoops, to provide overall convenience and comfort together with pet beds.

Pet mats in different styles and sizes

Chew-proof polyester fabric makes these pet mats heavy-duty and suitable for high-energy pets who like to chew. Select models come in multiple colors to fit different animal care environments. Crate mats are washable, ensuring easy maintenance. Consider pet grooming tools to keep your pets as smart as their beds.