Beds & Mats

The best pet beds see a lot of use. Most dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours per day, larger dogs and puppies may spend 18 hours of their day snoozing, while ferrets and cats often crash out for 18 to 20 hours a day. Purchase dog beds tough enough to withstand needle-sharp canine teeth and adorable tug-of-wars and soft enough to accommodate emergency sleep attacks. Give cats, ferrets and other small mammals a variety of perch options with cage-fitted platforms and free-hanging hammocks. Offer large dogs that spend a lot of time outside a warm place to snuggle that supports their joints and keeps them dry. CeilBlue™ offers these bedding options and many more.

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Traditional pet sleepers

Look for beds with easy-to-clean, stain-resistant materials, like machine-washable polyester, to ensure a quick cleanup routine. Pay close attention to the construction of your preferred bed. Double-stitched cushions and mats made from chew-resistant materials have a better chance of standing up to rough-and-tumble puppy playtime whereas a single-stitched solution may suffice for calmer pets. Choose mats and beds with non-slip backings to keep them stationary for dogs with stability issues. Smaller animals often prefer deep cushions with high, bolstered sides for optimal snuggles, while larger pets may enjoy the opportunity to stretch out their legs on a plush mat. Burrow blankets let choosey sleepers build a bed to their own specifications and fit any space. A strategically sized mat covers cage wires and provides a cozy place for critters to lie during kennel time. Opt for a protective floor mat for an additional layer of sanitation and to make cleanup easier.

Outdoor and travel beds

When choosing a travel bed or a mat for outdoor use, seek out options that use lightweight, waterproof materials. Elevated beds with durable covers can often hold animals up to 150 lbs. These cot-style beds make a smart choice for aging dogs with joint issues and those recovering from surgery. Suggest a collapsible cot as a solution for families who love to travel or camp with their four-legged friends. Versatile double-sided throw mats feature a plush side to keep your pet warm on cold nights and a sleeker cooling side for hot summer days. Ensure paws stay dry in dog runs with a weatherproof sleeping platform that mimics wooden deck slats. Prepare for your next pet-cation with CeilBlue’s line of pet travel gear.

Exotic dreamers

Create cat perches with a platform set for multiple custom lounge zones or hang them together to provide an extra-wide terrace. Synthetic fleece perch covers turn hard, plastic ledges into comfy cloud beds that induce sweet dreams. Connect ramps to perches to create a stairway for getting up tower cages or to build a jungle gym that inspires play. Foldable cat cages and other kennels, crates and cages offer a safe place for small animals to play. Cage hammocks in a variety of prints lined with faux lamb’s wool for added comfort offer a suitable place for cats and smaller animals like ferrets and sugargliders to sleep and play.