Kennels, Crates and Cages

In the 1950s, geneticist Dmitri K. Belyaev started an experiment that would prove 40 years later that it takes between six and eight dog generations to turn a wild canine into a domesticated pooch. Wild or tame, it's sometimes necessary to contain critters of all sizes, and one of the safest ways to do that is with a dog kennel. This line of dog crates and containment accessories includes both single animal cages for small veterinary offices and entire banks of cages suited to busy groomers. Find kennel attachments like crate fans and identification card holders with optional preprinted cards for accurate recording.

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Portable pups

While we often reserve over-the-shoulder pet slings for the more fashionable among us, veterinarians can use them in the office to keep small animals in critical condition close for observation. Choose from a variety of styles, including single-sided models for ease of use or reversible options to help match your favorite scrubs. Compact luggage-quality carriers are often small enough for carry-on should the need arise, or ideal for clients as an alternative to their pet requiring a kennel stay. Hikers and people on-the-go may prefer a rolling backpack over a handbag-style carrier. No matter how you get there, remember to bring all your pet's travel gear with you.

Outdoor fun

Collapsible pens are an ideal solution for letting animals go outside and stretch their legs when a run or fenced-in yard isn't available. Specialized playpens for puppies have an elevated floor and mesh bottom to keep delicate paws clean and pinch-free. When it's time to clean up after those tiny terrors, reach for animal-safe cleaners and disinfectants. Exercise pen covers are also available to help protect pets from the elements. Choose a secure tarp cover made for pens with standard dimension panels to block rain or opt for a solar reflective throw to toss over a dog kennel and provide cooling shade.

Single-animal crates

After splashing around in a grooming tub, it's time for your pet to relax and dry off. Choose a standalone metal frame dog crate and attach a crate fan to help speed things up. Collapsible dog crates with durable canvas and wire shells, as well as cages with plastic casing and mesh wire doors, are also available for single-animal containment.

Modular animal crates

Modular cages use inserts to divide a large, contained space into two smaller sections. Some allow you to convert a cage meant for one large dog into a kennel intended for two smaller animals. Others provide a tower or wall of cages in varying sizes to house an array of critters. Opt for prebuilt banks to fill traditional spaces or get fancy with a custom design. Use card holders to hang pet identification cards on the outside of each kennel to track feeding schedules, medications and other vital details. Choose a dog cage with wheels or get a separate wheeled base for better maneuverability of occupied cages.