FUROSEMIDE mg/mL Medication Label Tape


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Furosemide medication label tape is an important component of a hospital's selection of medication labels considering the dangers of giving patients the wrong dosage. Furosemide is a commonly used medication in a hospital setting, meant to remove excess liquid from the body in patients whose lives and health face the threat of a buildup of liquid in the body. This is a useful way of providing accurate dosages to patients as well as keeping a culture of accountability within your practice.

This furosemide label gives you the option of choosing between milligrams and milliliters, depending on whether your dosage of furosemide comes in a solid or liquid form. This way, you'll be able to avoid critical medication complications more easily and track the source of medication complications if they do occur. With 500 labels per roll, you can partition out many doses of furosemide without having to worry about a shortage of labels. This label roll is ideal for larger practices that deal with a lot of complex prescriptions and dosages of medications, although any practice that deals with common medications like furosemide will benefit from this label kit.

What information can I put on these labels?

This label kit for furosemide comes with an area to note the dosage, an option to circle milligrams or milliliters, preparation date, expiration date and time and a place for practitioners to put their initials on the dose they mete out.

How are these labels packaged?

This label kit comes packaged in a roll, meaning you can conveniently position them on the wall for easy dispensing.

How many labels come to a roll?

These pre-cut medication labels come in a roll of 500, an ample supply for any practice size:

  • Prevent medication complications with CeilBlue™ furosemide medication label tape
  • Greatly reduce inaccurate dosages given to patients with this convenient labeling system
  • This label kit is ideal for practices of any size, whether big or small
  • With 500 labels to each roll, you can dispense many dosages before needing a refill
  • This kit comes with several spots for providing a lot of information at a glance

If you need medical labels or another piece of medical equipment to run your practice, our vast selection of medical supplies is sure to meet your needs.

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