Blank Medication Label Tape


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Use blank medication label tape to label prescription bottles or jars correctly with the proper medication dosage information, date of preparation and expiration date. Safeguard patients from taking the wrong medication dose by appropriately using medical labels on prescription bottles, medication packaging and treatment plans. Blank labels without prewritten drug names provide the flexibility for use with any medication, drug or prescribed treatment. This blank tape also includes a section for writing the initials of the doctor, veterinarian, nurse or pharmacist that prepared the medication. 

Tape medication labels have a sticky side to attach to medication bottles or patient prescriptions quickly. The prelabeled text and date label sections on this tape improve readability, which reduces the chance of medication or treatment misidentification. The white background with black lines and text on these dispensing labels is a suitable color base to ensure all pen colors are bright and legible. Using labels in tape dispensers and pre-cut medication labels save time when treating multiple patients. The black borders on this tape identify where to cut each label. 

How many medical labels per roll in this pack?

Each roll of this label tape includes 500 blank medication stickers

What is the simplest way to dispense these labels?

This label tape comes packaged in a roll form to dispense labels using a tape dispenser easily. 


  • A blank section at the top of the label gives room for medication name and notes
  • Each label has four prelabeled sections for preparation date, expiration date and healthcare workers initials
  • Blank medication label tape includes 500 labels
  • Roll packaging makes it easy to dispense labels 
  • Contrasting white background with black lines and text make for easy reading

Ensure patients receive the correct medication dosages with clearly labeled label tape from CeilBlue™. 

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