Health o meter™ 600KL Waist-High Scale with Digital Height Rod


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This Health o Meter™ 600KL waist-high scale with digital height rod features access to electric medical records (EMRs), which allows it to keep the patient health information. It has a digital height rod with a measuring range of 24 in. to 88 in., which measures patients with different heights. The Health o Meter 600KL has a display that moves 350 degrees, allowing the user to place it in a convenient position, enhancing privacy. The Health o Meter digital scale has graduations of 0.2 lb., increasing its weighing accuracy. It features several functions, including calculating the body mass index (BMI). It has two wheels making it easy to move. It uses a power adapter or batteries for power, making it reliable.

  • EMR access enables it to keep patients' records
  • The swivel digital display improves patient privacy
  • The 0.2 lb. graduations of the Health o Meter 600KL enhances accuracy

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