Digital Physicians Scale Adult and Pediatric


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Get the most accurate readings when weighing your patients with this digital physician's scale for adult and pediatric individuals. Whether you're monitoring the gains and losses of patients going through weight management programs or you're checking to ensure that your pediatric patients are thriving, you need physicians scales that give accurate weight measurements. This waterproof digital scale uses several key features that work together to relay precise data. 

The large LED display shows off measurements in bright, clear digits, making it easy to instantly see how much weight has been lost or gained. The touch keypad is very responsive, allowing data to be entered quickly and efficiently. The scale is battery operated, perfect for offices where medical instruments have to be moved around a lot. 

The scale's TARE feature resets the scale display to zero, ensuring that each person's weight gets a clean read. The BMI feature measures body/mass index, allowing health professionals to get an accurate read of the amount of body fat. 

What does the anti-tip feature do?

An anti-tip column prevents the scale from tipping over when weighing patients of all sizes. 

Is there another power source available?

There is an optional power adapter available for offices that need additional power sources. 

Is the base easy to stand on?

The base is slip-resistant, helping lessen the likelihood of slips and falls when standing on it.

What's the total weight capacity of the scale?

The weight capacity of the scale is 450 lbs. (200 kg), making it ideal for patients of varying sizes. 

Features and benefits:

  • The 450-lb. weight capacity of this digital physician's scale, adult and pediatric, makes it ideal for patients of all sizes
  • The large, LED display offers easy-to-read weight data
  • The slip-resistant base helps prevent falls
  • The TARE feature resets the scale to zero, helping ensure accurate readings
  • The responsive touch keypad permits data to be entered quickly and efficiently

Put this waterproof digital scale on the list of medical supplies that you need to purchase to make your office run smoothly.

This item has an extended handling time. Orders for this item typically ship within 10 business days.

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