Health o meter™ 2101KLHR Large Platform Digital Scale with Height Rod


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Health o Meter™ 2101 KLHR Large Platform Digital Scale with Height Rod features handrails and a low platform for comfort and stability during the weighing experience. It's very accommodating as it comes with a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. The Health o Meter digital scale has a friendly user-interface with a home screen menu in high contrast color screen. The display swivels for viewing convenience and information privacy. The digital scale with a height rod offers a conversion of kilograms/pounds with an option to lock the scale in either kilograms or pounds. It has an adapter for power source with a battery option available.

  • The Health o Meter digital scale has handrails for patients to hold to during weighing for stability
  • The display head swivels conveniently to allow for easy viewing and privacy
  • The 1,000 lbs. weight capacity enables it to accommodate a wide range of patients

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