Health o meter™ 2101KL Large Platform Digital Scale with Handrails


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This Health o Meter™ 2101KL Large Platform Digital Scale with Handrails has a weight capacity of 1,000 lb. and graduations of 0.2 lb., enabling it to weigh a wide range of people. It has a swivel display that pivots for the convenience of the user, allowing for a line-of-sight viewing. This Health o Meter 2101KL scale has electronic medical records (EMR) connectivity, allowing it to record patients' information. The platform has dimensions of 26 in. wide x 22 in. deep x 2.375 in. high, providing the patient a small mounting step to help prevent falls. This large platform digital scale has handrails that patients hold on to during their weigh-ins.

  • The 1,000 lb. weight capacity enables weighing of a wide range of people
  • The EMR connectivity feature enables saving of records
  • The low platform of the Health o Meter 2101KL helps prevent patients from falling during weight measurement procedures

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