CanDo Plus Foam Rollers


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Help support your patients’ muscle recovery and treat muscle soreness by choosing the CanDo® Plus foam rollers. Add this set of foam rollers to your patients’ physical therapy routines to decrease the effects of sore muscles and support muscle recovery when used after a workout. These combined effects may help to improve the joint range of motion and reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness. CeilBlue™ offers a wide variety of foam rollers to fit the needs of all your patients.

These physical therapy foam rollers combine the comfort and firmness of a classic white roller with a sleek finish. The gray color of the rollers conceals the effects of both dirt and aging so you can get more life out of them before they need to be replaced. The attractive look of the rollers allows them to fit into the environment of many clinics. These foam rollers pair well with other CanDo products for physical therapy

What size rollers are available?

The roller sets are available in three lengths: 36 in., 18 in. and 12 in. Each roller has a diameter of 6 in. The CanDo foam roller 6 x 36 in. and 6 x 18 in. both weigh 2 lbs. and the 6 x 12 in. weighs 1 lb.

How many foam rollers come in a set?

There are 12 rollers in each set.

Features and Benefits:

  • The CanDo Plus foam rollers are available three sizes to fit the various needs of your patients
  • Features a sleek, stylish finish that complements your facility
  • Gray color conceals dirt and aging for extended use
  • The firm but comfortable material keeps usage enjoyable for patients

Choose physical therapy supplies from us to help treat your patients’ muscle soreness and joint conditions while keeping your office looking sophisticated.

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