CanDo Non-Latex Exercise Band 5-Piece Set


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If you're looking for an exercise tool that gives patients the ability to exercise both their upper and lower bodies, you should consider the CanDo® non-latex exercise band 5-piece set. This is a versatile tool for exercising many parts of the body in a physical therapy setting. Your patients will be able to exercise the arms, legs, chest and core in many different ways with this versatile and flexible latex-free resistance band. You can give your patients a novel and fun way of getting their full range of motion back with this set of physical therapy resistance bands, which comes in a pack of five corresponding to different levels of resistance. This way, your patients can progress through increasingly resistant bands, ideal for a slow and steady recovery.

This CanDo resistive exercise band is free of latex. This ensures that if you have patients who are sensitive or allergic to latex, they can still take part in exercises without having to worry about an allergic reaction. These resistance bands come in five different lengths, with the ability for the practitioner to cut away sections of the band for individual use. They range in size from an individual 4-ft. size to a large 100-yd. roll, meaning no matter what size practice you run, you will have physical therapy supplies that fit your practice's needs.

How wide are these latex-free resistance bands?

This CanDo resistance band is 5-in. wide for a range of different hand sizes.

How much exercise band do you get in each order?

These latex-free resistance bands come in five different sizes. There is a 4-ft. individual band and rolls in 6 yds., 25 yds., 50 yds., and 100 yds.

Features include:

  • Offer a versatile exercise method to your patients with this CanDo non-latex exercise band 5-piece set
  • With a 5-in. width, all your patients will be able to grasp these resistance bands easily
  • The five-pack of bands gives different resistance levels for patients in all stages of recovery
  • Exercise the arms, legs, chest and other regions of the body
  • There are sizes available for any size practice, giving the practitioner additional flexibility

Our wide range of CanDo products for physical therapy is sure to give you great ideas on how to improve your practice.

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