CanDo Non-Latex Exercise Band


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CanDo® latex-free exercise bands offer facilities and fitness centers a functional and versatile equipment option for strength-enhancing resistance exercise. They give a range of clients — post-operative patients, the elderly and athletes — a lower- and upper-body exercise regimen that suits their specific needs for progressive core muscle rebuilding or strengthening.

As with all physical therapy resistance bands, CanDo non-latex exercise bands are lightweight and don’t require any extra equipment to use effectively. While you may attach hand grips or anchors to the 5-in. wide bands to make them easier to handle, most patients and clients prefer using their hands and arms, legs and feet for grip and anchoring points, covering a wide range of flexion and extension resistance exercises. The synthetic CanDo resistive exercise bands are latex-free, so they won’t cause tactile or airborne latex-induced allergies.

Reflecting many other physical therapy supplies that are available, the latex-free resistance bands from CanDo offer functionality along with a versatile range of options. Color-coded bands indicate the various stretch tensions available and help users identify the right band tension for their exercise stage quickly while enabling facilities to organize and store the bands conveniently. Each CanDo resistance band tension is also available in rolls in several yard lengths that users can cut to size for specific exercises, users and group sizes.

What tensions are available with color-coded CanDo non-latex exercise bands?

Like other CanDo products for physical therapy, their resistance bands come in colors to give facilities a more convenient way to maintain the progressive nature of therapeutic resistance exercise. CanDo offers seven tensions, from extra-soft and soft to medium and firm to extra-, double-extra and triple-extra firm.

How long are the CanDo resistance bands?

The bands come in single packets of 4-ft. lengths for individual users. Longer lengths, ranging from 6 yds. to 100 yds., come in dispensing boxes that let facilities cut the band rolls at whatever length patients and clients need.

How do CanDo resistive exercise bands benefit patients, clients and facilities?

  • The synthetic bands are latex-free, preventing skin or respiratory allergic reactions from working out with them
  • The different tension levels make them suitable for a range of strength resistance exercises, whether rebuilding muscle or fine-tuning muscle tone
  • The CanDo non-latex exercise bands are lightweight, so any patient can transport them and handle them easily
  • Patients can use their hands and arms, legs and feet to engage in a full range of lower- and upper-body resistance exercises
  • Facilities can cut the CanDo resistance bands to the exact length required for patients or clients, from among several roll-length options
  • Color-coded stretch tensions let patients grab the right band for exercise while helping facilities organize the bands for storage and use

Check out these functional and versatile CanDo latex-free resistance bands at CeilBlue™, and see why they may be the preferred option for the resistance exercise regimens of your patients or clients.

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