Balance Beam Scales


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Capture weight readings accurately and quickly with balance beam scales to monitor patients' progress to better health. The use of physician scales is a practice that's evolved over time with many technological advancements in the construction of weighing machines. Digital scales are starting to become more prominent in some clinics, but they may have their own drawbacks in terms of complete accuracy. The physician balance beam scale is one of the oldest pieces of equipment that exists in a clinical setting today. There is a good reason that labs and clinics still use these scales, which is due to their long history of accuracy and durability to everyday use.

Certain medical instruments see use on a daily basis such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, but they don't see nearly as much use as a scale does. Durable materials make up this weighing beam balance, meaning it should last for years with daily usage. The double beam balance scale works as the patient gets on the scale with the attendant sliding the weighted sliders to the numbers that balance the scale to get an accurate reading. You can find this scale and other medical supplies at CeilBlue™.

What options are available with the balance beam scale?

The balance beam scale comes in three different configurations with the Mobile Eye-Level balance beam scale, the Stationary Detecto 337 and the Stationary Detecto 437. The Detecto models can either come with a height rod for measuring patients' height or without one.

What are the dimensions of the balance beam?

The dimensions of the balance beam are 10.5-in. width by 14.5-in. depth

Does the balance beam scale have a weight limit for heavier patients?

The weight limit of the balance beam is 400 lbs.


  • The balance beam scales come in three different configurations with or without height rods
  • The scale can accurately measure weight from 0 to 400 lbs.
  • The balance beam scale is made from durable materials to last for many years
  • The scale takes up a small office footprint with dimensions of 10.5 in. wide x 14.5 in. deep
  • These scales come in five different versions

Increase the accuracy of your patients' weight and monitor overall health with the a variety of scales from CeilBlue.

Customer Review Summary

The main issues highlighted in the reviews are regarding accuracy and assembly. Some customers noted that the weight measurements are off by approximately 1lb. Some stated that the inaccuracy only started after the scale was around a year old. Other customers felt that it was difficult to assemble, and some customers had not received the instructions with the scale. Overall, 83% of reviewers found the assembly was easy. 78% felt that the scale was accurate and 83% felt that it was of good quality. Some customers stated that the scale is good value for money and that they assembled it quickly and easily. Other reviews mentioned that the scale is lightweight but sturdy and highly accurate. Difficult assembly in many cases can be remedied by the customer reading the instructions or being supplied with the missing instructions. Manufacturing issues are covered under the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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