Akro-Mils Super Size AkroBin 20"L x 12.38"W x 12"H - Pack of 2


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Store various supplies in Akro-Mils® super-size AkroBin® 20 in.L x 12.38 in.W x 12 in.H bins, which come in packs of two. Four color options are available in the collection, including the semi-clear hue. Manufacturers use industrial-grade polymers when making medical storage bins and other models. This ensures crack resistance when loading bins with heavy items.

Plastic material offers corrosion resistance, and it also protects the contents of Akro-Mils super-size AkroBin units against water and rust. CeilBlue™ offers stackable storage bins, which help users save space in small storage rooms. The one-piece construction provides sturdiness and durability for long-term use in busy working environments. 

How can you use these storage bins effectively?

Employees can place storage bins on steel dollies, carts and shelving to categorize all items properly. This ensures that all inventory is easy to find or relocate when necessary. The built-in handle makes super-size bins easy to carry when transporting supplies.

Are storage bins fitting for hazardous workplaces?

Due to the durable material, Akro-Mils shelf bins and other storage items are suitable for use with weak acids and alkalis. 


  • Keep inventory secure and easy to transport with Akro-Mils super-size AkroBin storage bins, which measure 20 in. x 12.38 in. x 12 in. 
  • Super-size storage bins are available in packs of two
  • Industrial-grade plastic polymers ensure product durability, and they make these bins resistant to rust, corrosion and water
  • Four colors are available to enable simple color-coding and categorization of items
  • Combine super-size bins with steel carts, shelving and dollies for optimal use
  • Transport bins easily by using the convenient handle
  • Versatile medical organization supplies, such as stackable storage bins help employees save space in storage rooms
  • With resistance to weak acids and alkalis, AkroBin storage bins are fitting for hazardous workplaces

Equip different types of storage facilities with Akro-Mils storage bins, which offer an efficient way to categorize in-store supplies.

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