Akro-Mils Shelf Bin 17.88"L x 11.13"W x 4"H - Pack of 12


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Create clean, organized and safe work areas with the Akro-Mils® shelf bin 11.13 in.W x 4 in.H x 17.88 in.L - pack of 12. High-quality Akro-Mils shelf bins sit on shelving systems and pick racks to deliver flexible options. For optimized space usage, these 4-in. tall shelf bins nest inside other units to save on empty container volume. Choose from blue, green, red, semi-clear or yellow bins to meet color-coding requirements for efficient sorting operations. Proper storage solutions keep supplies out of the way to eliminate clutter and promote employee safety.

Built to withstand rigorous conditions, Akro-Mils shelf bins feature an industrial-grade polypropylene one-piece construction. This heavy-duty design enables the plastic shelf storage bins to retain their shape even under a full load. They have strong resistance to moisture and mildly corrosive substances to ensure long service life. To simplify cleaning tasks, a smooth surface finish wipes down easily for hassle-free maintenance.

Nestable and stackable shelf bins from Akro-Mils provide ample space to accommodate and manage inventory. A wide hopper front allows for the easy retrieval of stock to complete orders. Equipped with a rear hang lock, these bins tilt out on racks for enhanced accessibility. An existing slot also accepts card stockholders and adhesive labels to identify contents at a glance.

How many dividers can each bin accommodate?

Like Akro-Mils grid storage bins, Akro-Mils plastic shelf bins measuring 11.13 in. x 4 in. x 17.88 in. also work with dividers. They fit up to seven width dividers to segregate related items into neat compartments.

What is the bin holding capacity when paired with bin cups?

Each bin has enough room for up to 25 small bin cups, while it takes a maximum of 12 large bin cups to fill up the container. These handy accessories minimize retrieval time by lifting out easily from shelf bins.

Features and benefits:

  • The Akro-Mils shelf bin 11.13 in. x 4 in. x 17.88 in. 12-piece set promotes organization, cleanliness and safety in workplaces
  • Shelf bins work with shelving systems and pick racks to increase versatility
  • Empty bins settle inside others for optimal space savings
  • Multiple color selections provide ample ways to set up color-coding strategies
  • An industrial-grade plastic material enhances durability for maximum load support
  • A smooth surface finish cleans easily to reduce maintenance time
  • A wide hopper front facilitates quick retrieval of items
  • A rear hang lock enables an angled placement on racks for convenient access
  • A molded-in slot makes it easy to insert labels for instant content identification

Choose Akro-Mils plastic shelf storage bins and other medical organization supplies for healthcare facilities looking to streamline material handling processes.

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