Akro-Mils Super Size AkroBin 20"L x 12.38"W x 8"H - Pack of 3


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Deliver heavy-duty support for storing, organizing and moving bulky supplies with Akro-Mils® super-size AkroBins® 12.38 in.W x 8 in.H x 20 in.L in a pack of three. 

Many Akro-Mils shelf bins and super-size AkroBins combine durability with functionality and ease of handling to drive productivity. These Akro-Mils storage bins feature a rated load capacity of 200 lbs. to accommodate a large quantity of materials. Under normal load conditions, they're guaranteed to withstand stresses without bending out of shape for long-term use. The robust, one-piece construction also makes them resistant to corrosion, mild chemicals and moisture intrusion.

Available in red, blue, semi-clear and yellow, super-size stacking storage containers from Akro-Mils offer versatile solutions to meet your varying needs. The bins can work as individual units or stack atop each other to optimize valuable space. For added benefits, invest in compatible wire and steel shelving systems for super-size AkroBins and other medical storage bins. Clean and organized stations reduce the retrieval time of stocks for increased workflow. Carts and dollies also pair well with these stackable storage bins for easy transport of bulky gear, medical kits or industrial tools.

To facilitate handy access, each super-size bin comes with a wide hopper front. An existing slot for card stock holders and adhesive labels also makes tagging and scanning contents quick and easy. For maximum user convenience, a large rear handle enables a comfortable grip while carrying a bin. Smooth surfaces also simplify cleaning tasks for less maintenance time. For further customization options, several accessories include window inserts and length dividers. A transparent window insert improves visibility while preventing spills. Use length dividers to partition the bins into smaller compartments to keep items separated neatly.

What material makes the bins durable?

These extra-large containers use industrial-grade polymers for high resiliency and rigidity. The enhanced durability helps maintain structural integrity even at full capacity.

What is the stacking capacity of these items?

Super-size AkroBins measuring 12.38 in. x 8 in. x 20 in. provide a stacking capacity of 40 lbs. with up to 10 bins in a single stack. Extra-wide ledges lend stability, while reinforced side ribs strengthen the walls to ensure a safe and secure stack.

Features and benefits:

  • Akro-Mils super-size AkroBins provide heavy-duty support for large and bulky materials
  • A 200-lb. load capacity holds a large number of materials for high-volume storage requirements
  • Industrial-grade polymers increase durability to maintain structural integrity
  • A sturdy, one-piece construction withstands tough conditions for longevity
  • AkroBins work as individual containers or stacked units for versatile use 
  • Bins paired with carts and dollies increases mobility for ease of transport
  • A wide hopper front facilitates quick access to contents
  • An existing slot accommodates card holders and adhesive labels for easy tagging and scanning
  • A back handle allows a comfortable grip for user convenience
  • Easy-to-wipe surfaces simplify cleaning for low maintenance needs

Boost business performance with Akro-Mils storage bins and other high-quality medical organization supplies at CeilBlue™.

In-stock colors typically ship within 1 business day. Orders for Blue or Red typically ship within 5 business days.

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