English Four-A-Day Med Planner


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Featuring 28 compartments, this English Four-A-Day Med Planner keeps your pills organized. It helps you keep track of your daily pill intake. Ideal for those who take many different pills daily, this four-times-a-day pill organizer features multicolored lids for easy classification and identification of medicines. This storage solution helps you track and manage your medication so that you don’t miss out on any pill. It includes removable covers for convenient cleaning, with easy-to-open lids that people with arthritis and weak hands too can handle. This seven-day four-compartment pill organizer includes cases labeled with morning, noon, evening and bedtime to store one week's worth of medicines and vitamins.

  • This four-times-a-day pill organizer helps you track your daily medication
  • It helps store and organize multiple pills for greater medication compliance
  • It has easy-to-open lids

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