Fast Entry Medication Lock Box


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Medical facilities regularly use products such as the CeilBlue fast entry medication lock box to secure narcotics, dangerous products and other controlled substances. Several jurisdictions and accreditation bodies provide established rules that hospitals, medical centers and medical practices must follow regarding the storage of controlled substances. Items such as lock boxes and other medication safety equipment play a critical role in patient and staff safety.

This quick-access safe comes pre-drilled for mounting to ensure product strength and integrity. This feature also removes the chance the item will shatter during drilling. Your facility's maintenance staff won't have to waste time preparing the critical drug lock box. Use the pre-drilled holes to mount the quick-access medication box in emergency rooms and other areas where practitioners require fast access to life-saving yet heavily-controlled drugs. This medium-size fast entry medication lock box is 8.325 x 4 .5 x 2.875 in.

What color is the quick-access lock box?

The box is completely clear so practitioners can see what's inside without having to open it. This saves time and provides an extra layer of security by minimizing the number of times staff must open the unit.



  • Hospitals and medical facilities use products such as the fast entry medical lock box to secure controlled substances
  • This quick-access lock box can play an important role in your facility's medication safety management plan
  • The product comes ready to mount; there's no need to drill holes in the product and potentially weaken or crack the lock box
  • Under most circumstances maintenance personnel don't need special tools to mount the quick-access medication box
  • Facilities often install these sorts of selections in places such as emergency rooms
  • The safe is 8.325 x 4 .5 x 2.875 in.
  • The critical drug lock box is clear so practitioners can see what's inside

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