Thermasonic Ultrasound Gel Warmer


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Warm ultrasound gel quickly and maintain it at a consistent temperature with this Thermasonic® Ultrasound Gel Warmer. This gel warmer makes it easy and efficient to warm up a bottle or multiple bottles of ultrasound gel. This Parker gel warmer has an advanced microchip control that maintains the gel at a uniform temperature. It has a thermal cutoff function that prevents overheating, protecting the device against damage. Featuring high-density and impact-resistant composite construction, this ultrasound warmer is durable. It's suitable for wall mounting and doesn't use up too much electrical power. This gel warming device also comes in several models, including an LCD  variety.

  • This Thermasonic ultrasound gel warmer warms up ultrasound gel efficiently
  • It maintains the gel at a consistent temperature
  • It comes in multiple sizes that can hold a single or three bottles

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