Stan the Standard Skeleton with Hanging Roller Stand


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn about the human body and its bones using the 3B Scientific® Stan the standard skeleton with a hanging roller stand. Stan is about the size and weight of a natural skeleton and includes about 200 bones. The Stan skeleton model features quality natural casting with handcrafted final finishes. Remove limbs easily and quickly for ease of demonstration. The human skeleton model features a synthetic, unbreakable material for durability.  The manufacturer inserts teeth into its skull individually. The skeleton hangs on a white metal stand with five canisters for mobility and comes with a transparent dust cover. The model includes access to the anatomy course 3B Scientific® Smart Anatomy with lectures and quizzes to further learning.

  • The handcrafted Stan skeleton model provides a top-quality finish for educational purposes
  • The natural-sized skeleton includes about 200 bones and a dust cover
  • Move this model easily with its five-caster stand

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