Safety Lancets


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These safety lancets have high-speed delivery and penetration, which helps to minimize patient pain and clinician error. Medical personnel don't need to arm the lancet, allowing for safety in use. The manufacturer color codes these single-use safety lancets so it's easy to retrieve the right size. The colors and corresponding sizes are yellow-1 mm, gray-1.8 mm, orange-2.2 mm and pink-2.8 mm for the needle type and green-1.8 mm and blue-2.3 mm for the blade type. The needle or blade conceals before and after use to facilitate a safe collection process. The fingerstick lancets come in packs of 100 for ordering convenience.

  • The high-speed penetration and delivery reduce patient discomfort
  • Color-coded safety lancets allow for quick retrieval
  • They come in 100-piece packs for convenience in ordering

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