Relief Pak ColdSpot Blue Vinyl Pack


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Provide sufficient pain relief by applying the Relief Pak® ColdSpot™ blue vinyl packs to the injured or painful area. They offer a proactive method of administering cold therapy to an isolated area. These therapy cold packs keep their healing temperatures for at least 30 minutes. They're reusable as you store them in your freezer for the next application. Made of industrial-grade vinyl that is heavy-duty, the blue packs contain bentonite clay as it retains coldness well. The reusable cold compresses come in multiple sizes from the standard (11 in. by 14 in) to the circular (10 in. diameter). 

  • Apply the therapy cold packs to injured or sensitive areas for comfort
  • They retain their chill conditions for 30 minutes
  • These medical cold packs keep effectively in the freezer 

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