Adstation Oto Xen/Oph Coax Xenon with Spec/750W/Wallboard


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Adstation® Oto Xen/Oph Coax Xenon with Spec/750W/Wallboard offers a convenient way to access physical exam instruments. This wallboard keeps the included otoscope and a coax ophthalmoscope near at hand for ear and eye inspections. The built-in ear specula dispenser has room for five tubes and promotes cleanliness and good habits by keeping supplies within reach. Mount this wall-mounted otoscope ophthalmoscope set in a nurse’s office, clinic or hospital to create an instant examination station.

  • Mount an Adstation wall-mounted diagnostic set for convenient access to exam instruments
  • This wallboard supplies power to the included 3.5 V. diagnostic tools
  • This wall-mounted otoscope and ophthalmoscope set keeps supplies handy 

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