Nylatex Wraps


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Deliver firm compression where you need it the most using Nylatex® wraps. They secure cold packs around the affected area for maximum contact and enhanced cold therapy efficiency. Made of durable nylon and rubberized latex, Nylatex reusable wraps withstand repeat applications for reduced wastage. The comfortable, stretchable material also provides strong elastic properties for flexibility when placing the wrap in difficult spots. These cold pack wraps engage instantly without the need for fasteners, clips or tape. Choose from different sizes to meet varying needs. Available in packs of three, Nylatex therapy wraps come in a lightweight and portable design for easy storage in first-aid kits, supply cabinets or sports bags. 

  • Nylatex wraps hold cold packs firmly in place for optimal contact with treatment area
  • A sturdy blend of nylon and latex improves durability while providing a good stretch
  • The wraps facilitate a secure closure without the need for fastening devices

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