Metal Medication Label Tape Dispenser


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The metal medication label tape dispenser makes it easy to keep stickers organized and in one central place. Hospitals, phlebotomy labs and doctors' offices often use manual label dispensers to facilitate the quick labeling of blood, urine and other samples. Medical facilities also utilize medical labels to identify hazardous materials and keep track of medication administration.

The metal medication tape holder comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. The small dispenser holds eight rolls, and the medium and large products have room for 12 and 16 rolls, respectively.

All three sizes have suction cups on the bottom, so staff can quickly and easily secure the medication sticker dispenser where needed.

What color is the medication sticker dispenser?

They're white, making it easy to determine when the dispensers need cleaning because of contact with blood or other bodily fluids. It also creates a professional appearance.

What's the spool diameter of the metal medication tape holder?

The product's spool diameter is 0.74 in. Other essential information includes:

  • Medical facilities use products such as the metal medication label tape dispenser to hold stickers
  • The product keeps medical labels organized and in one convenient place
  • The metal medication tape holder speeds identification of patient urine and blood samples
  • It provides a convenient way to disperse stickers critical for communicating patient information
  • Three sizes are available: 8, 12 and 16 rolls
  • All sizes come with suction cups on the bottom to make the dispenser easy to attach to different types of surfaces
  • The product is white so staff can easily see when the tape dispenser has come into contact with blood and other bodily fluids
  • The color contributes to the creation of a clean, neat and professional atmosphere
  • The metal medication tape holder has a 0.74-in. spool diameter

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