Lid for Akro-Grid 33220/33222/33223/33224/33226/33228


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Protect the contents of your Akro-Mils® dividable containers from dust and water with these lids for Akro-Grid 33220/33222/33223/33224/33226/33228 containers. These lids snap onto the rim to close the containers securely. They allow the containers to stack safely without toppling over thanks to the molded tops. The snap-on lids are semi-clear to maintain visibility into the containers. Use them with Akro-Grid 33220, 33222, 33223, 33224, 33226 and 33228 containers, available separately on CeilBlue®. These lids for Akro-Grid containers come in packs of three.

  • Snap-on lids fit Akro-Grid dividable containers, which are available on CeilBlue.
  • The lids, which come in packs of three, allow containers to safely stack
  • They're compatible with the Akro-Grid 33220, 33222, 33223, 33224, 33226 and 33228 containers

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