Health and Hygiene System Stand


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Medical facilities and hospitals use CeilBlue health and hygiene system stands to distribute products such as hand sanitizer and face masks. Place them in waiting rooms to give patients easy access to hygiene-enhancing materials while they wait for appointments.

Making hygiene control measures available to patients upon arrival increases facility cleanliness and provides patients with a sense of comfort.

Installed near exam and emergency rooms, medical hygiene stands give practitioners easy access to essentials such as face masks and gloves.

Paired with Market Lab hygiene centers, these exam room hygiene stands offer complete infection prevention and control solutions. Mountable health and hygiene bundles featuring hand sanitizer, face masks and tissues work with these patient hygiene stands to create one-stop public hygiene options.

What are these medical hygiene stands made of?

They're made of stainless steel, a material that provides a professional appearance and is easy to keep clean.

What are the base dimensions of these exam room hygiene system stands?

These stands feature 16 in. x 16 in. bases, which maximizes product stability.


  • Market Lab health and hygiene system stands permit facilities to place hand sanitizer throughout public areas
  • They're ideal for use in waiting rooms to hold items such as face masks and tissues
  • When installed in busy areas near emergency and exam rooms they give practitioners access to essential hygiene products
  • For a complete distribution system, combine these medical hygiene system stands with Medical Lab's hygiene centers
  • Paired with mountable health and hygiene bundles the stands offer facilities simple and practical public hygiene solutions
  • They're made of easy-to-clean and professional-looking stainless steel
  • All stands feature 16 x 16 in. bases to ensure stability

CeilBlue™ has an extensive selection of the medical products and general supplies busy medical practices, hospitals and physical therapy facilities need. Our inventory includes both standard and hard-to-find yet essential items, including hospital hygiene supplies

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